Vocals - Acoustic Guitars - Lop Sided Humour

Entertains with Folk Music

The post-war folk revival took many forms, and performers in the folk clubs and coffee bars absorbed many styles. Brian Preston cut his teeth and served his time in that revival, both as a solo artist and as a member of a number of very successful groups.

Over the last thirty years Brian has built up a vast repertoire of traditional, contemporary and comedy folk songs, which he presents with his own brand of humour.

For over a decade Brian paid his dues as organizer and resident of Preston Folk Club, before turning professional in 1973. To date he has made ten albums, one single and eight cassettes, appeared numerous times on local, national and international radio and television as well as playing in twenty one countries.

After many years as a professional folk entertainer, playing folk clubs, concerts, festivals, and universities throughout Britain and Europe, Brian worked in the Middle and Far East for a number of years entertaining Ex-Patriots and Nationals on the major International hotel circuit, with English, Celtic and American traditional and modern songs, music and his lop-sided humour.

The combination of personality, vocal and instrumental ability and years of professional experience, coupled with a vast repertoire of good music, razor sharp wit, countless stories, and a reputation for giving 100% on all his gigs, has led to Brian still being regarded as one of the most popular ‘folk entertainers’ in Europe.



"The Wayfarers" 1966 - 1970
L. P. Record 1969 - The Wayfarers.
L. P. Record 1970 - The Wayfarers - Take 2.

"Horden Raikes" 1970 - 1973
L. P. Record 1971 - Horden Raikes.
L. P. Record 1972 - King Cotton.

"Brian Preston" (Solo) - 1973 - 1975
L. P. Record 1973 - Folk Heritage.
L. P. Record 1974 - Bits & Pieces.
Cassette 1975 German Tour.

"Tom Tiddler's Ground" 1975 - 1979
L. P. Record 1975 - Hunter & The Hunted.
L. P. Record 1977 - Follow That With Your Sea Lions.
Single 1977 - The Vicar & Frog / Honky Tonk Music.

"Brian Preston" (Solo) 1980 - onwards
L. P. Record 1980 - Banish Misfortune.
Cassette 1981 - Sweet F.A.
Cassette 1982 - One Man Show.
Cassette 1983 - I.Y.D.L.T.S.W.P.Y.C.K.M.A.
L. P. Record 1985 - Tell 'Em Nowt.
Cassette 1987 - Live At Thorne Rufc.
Cassette 1989 - Out - Gone Fishing.
Cassette 1990 - Country Meets Folk.
Cassette 1991 - Nothing To Prove.
CD 2007 - Warts And All.
CD 2009 - Old Friends.

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